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Palawan Beach, We're In LOVE.

This place need to be revisit. I can write lies and novels on how nostalgic this place makes me feel, but the truth is after an almost 2.5 weeks of bouncing back and forth, I was exhausted.

You see, I started my trip to the Philippines with family time. One would think that can be less hectic, think again. Coming from big family, let’s see, 15+ aunts & uncles, plus 30+ cousins, and not coming home for almost 5 years mean a super turbo engine to catch up, and oh, plus a little bit of work, though still want to not be able to cherish the moment.

By the end of this trip, it was fun catching up, but mentally, and little bit physically, though my adrenaline was still making me go, go, and go, my body was letting know a bit to stop with that I’m to share how nice to place it, but definitely need to revisit when can cherish it more, and more.

#Philippines #ClubParadise #Palawan #Coron

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