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Sofitel Manila

Home at last, I’ve been hesitant to write about the Philippines because it’s not the typical get away that Alex and I goes through - it’s more special than that.

It’s more special that I thought to myself, should I even share with the world? There are special moments where it’s too special to share, and this was in the borderline of it.

You see, I was never really the Manila girl. When I lived in the Philippines, I lived in my own little bubble in a province called Cavite. At that time, it was about two hours from manila, had quite memories. To date, it’s quite a story to share that I was all over the city.

Though these photos don’t share what really was like in this room, I think it does justice in sharing some of the interesting corners of this room.

I’ll cherish this hotel when my cousins, Kuya Renjo, Carlo, and Camille spent most of our time catching up and acting silly. And of course, Alex was with us trying to catch up with the Tagalog. I don’t think that I’ve ever stayed in a hotel so big but so crowded. My cousin, brought his own air mattress, nothelessheless, it was fun. Fun enough that I have lost my voice starting this trip.

Cheers to almost 5 years that I have missed home.



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