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Self Love and Giving

I’m all about self love. I understand some folks might find this selfish on the surface but if you really think about it, there’s much you can give when you yourself is strong and assured. I don’t intend for this life to be all about me because there’s not much satisfaction in that, then why even live life. I don’t ever want to be lonely and look back and regret the lessons for the hi’s and the low’s. What I’ve learned in this life is that, I’m the happiest when I can give and help.

I’ve had this burning passion in me. I’ve had it since I was young. Where it came from? Not sure from where. But I remember when I was younger, I particularly remember genuinely curious on why we can’t solve the Philippines debt. I asked my Ate on how much is the “utang” of our country, and how many people live in the Philippines? Then, I quickly shared that, why can’t each of us just give 1 peso or 5 peso each so that we can solve this? I have my "ipon" I can give 1 thousand, that will pay for people who lived in the slums. My Ate shared, "you’ll go places." I didn’t really what that meant, I still don’t know what that means. This life, I’m just here to live it because why wouldn’t you?

#SelfThoughts #Reflections

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