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Our Diary on Lavish Royal Balinese Feast of Tugu Hotel

Bali is filled with Royal Kingdom Histories, princesses, sultans, queens, and the list go on. With every rich culture, there's color, dances, and folk music waited to be showcased. Stepping in Bali, right at the airport, you are welcomed with intricate masks and monuments of lavish monkeys with such expressive facial reactions.

How can we go all the way this part of the world, travel 24 hours flight and see for ourself what is the buzz is all about? We pull the trigger on Royal Balinese Feast, not quite sure what it's all about. Reserved it, and waited all the magic that happens. Upon our reservation, it's recommended that we show earlier to enjoy their Sunset by the beach.

Running on Filipino time, I intend to be 1 hour before dinner, ended up with half hour. Long behold, it always works out. Upon arriving at the hotel's lobby, I can't help but to admire vast wood and statues. Walking down their beach lounge, mesmerized by the day bed, lights, and clouds, thankful to be alive and well. We opt in for a bottle of wine, because why not? Holiday eh?

Afterwards, our server has shared that the dinner is ready. We say goodbye to beautiful ocean, and head to the dinning room. There was a long marble table, several chairs, and antique collections. Feels like we are back to the Sultan's Palace from Jogja. We start with appetizer.

After several appetizers, we are a called to the lobby to watch show that's meant for us, thought it lasts for 20 minutes, it's still quite a ride.

Did I mention that there's gong, several servers, and rice served in its own wheels? Thought couldn't get any better.

By the way, there's me, Alex, and ourselves. There's food for 10 people people, they don't call it feast for no reason eh? We finish the night with some lovely desserts, and shared all the leftovers with the crew- thought they'd appreciate it. We kept the shrimp for ourselves and wine left over. Cheers to food!

I intend to keep my lifetime of memories on this open journal. Life's meant to be lived. Tons of countries to see, and experiences to be lived. Life's good if make you make it be.

Travel vlog experience for this cultural dinner -->


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