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Sunset at Borobudur Temple

Upon planning on trip for Bali, Borobudur is invading all planning. Why wouldn't it? Sunrise in a temple, it sounds like worth of an experience of a lifetime. To our dismay, waking up at dawn to see a crowded temple on cloudy day is not quite a pictured, the sunrise is missing. With this experience, I underestimate the sunset.

Upon the temple closing to the public at 5 pm, security starts to kick out the public. Slowly, the temple's crowd starts to disappear. There's something about being able to enjoy the scenery by itself with no distractions, silence, peace, and surrounding nature.

There's something unique on arriving a crowded place and eventually seeing it to be peaceful. With that transition, we pick the best spot we could found. There it is, big round thing, changes in color, going down right in front of us.

Being surrounded with this much history and able to breathe in it, life's is too well. I take everything in as a I can, take a deep breathe, and look around. Layers of mountains after another, as the sky turns into pink, purple, and blue, hymns start to come on. Lights on nearby towns starts to twinkle, and I've never seen something so beautiful.

Let's keep a lifetime of memories on this open journal. Life's meant to be lived. Tons of countries to see, and experiences to be lived. Life's good if make you make it be.

Travel vlog including this experience -->

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