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Let's Live Life, Lunch Birdnest Experience

Island life is all about green lushes, crystal blue water, and in short paradise. Between paradise and beauty of nature is the truth about heat and humidity of any island there is. Though this is not a all about cliche blog, part of it is. Outside the heat, can't really say anything else but a good life and thankful for it.

20 minutes drive from Ubud Centre, in an old Balinese fashion, 1 hour late, we reach Kupu-Kupu Barong. It's a hotel on a hilltop that's overlooking and glistening with sound of the Ayung River. Have you ever been so focus on getting to the destination, worrying a little how should have organize plan better so we can be more on schedule, then you reach to destination, and nothing else seems to matter because how vast your surrounding is?

This place is dear to me because it's a reminder of how beautiful life is and remind you to be thankful to be alive and breathing. It's places like this that I admire exploring new places, taking out of day to day norm to be give thanks to be there.

Our server walks us to the birdnest. A structure hanging little bit off the cliff of a mountain. With the sun blazing, I still couldn't help but mesmerize how beautiful green can be and how calming the sound of Ayung River is. Place is decorated with flowers, a meal worth a thousand words.

To top it off, I've got sang happy birthday. It has always a dream to celebrate a birthday that's actually not my birthday. PS: didn't plan that, someone missed the memo.

Cheers to life and happiness!

Let's keep a lifetime of memories on this open journal. Life's meant to be lived. Tons of countries to see, and experiences to be lived. Life's good if make you make it be.

Travel vlog including this experience -->

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