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Ayung River Rafting, For the Strong!

I've said this before and will say it again, Bali took our river rafting virginity! For a couple who lives on street with houses and apartments on top of each other, and body of water that I'm not sure to what to made out of, it's pretty from far but wouldn't dare to go in it, I'm not prepare for the Ayung River.

We rush to the front desk, and among others we get our ride to head to the office. Bali seems to have festival almost everyday, so streets are always decorated. We check in and change in the locker, get out water water, spray our sunscreen, and another 5 minutes drive where tons of Balinese men wear the bali adventures shirts. We check in, we head to get out life jacket vest, helmet, and grab a paddle. We go in the back, thousands of steps, it most likely takes 20 minutes to go down the mountain, but it feels like eternity as you see green lush of plans and trees after another.

Finally, you hear the flow of river, see tubes. Sets of 4 for each tube and an instructor. Introduction, signs and things you have to be aware of.

Looking up, it feels like a scene that's take from a movie. All you see are exotic plants and familiar ones. This can be relaxing, but then again not. We start paddling, see our first fast stream and off we go as we bump on to rocks, and splash of water. Some groups get stuck, some kept heading to the wrong direction, whatever the case maybe, make sure seat right and enjoy the ride.

I intend to keep my lifetime of memories on this open journal. Life's meant to be lived. Tons of countries to see, and experiences to be lived. Life's good if make you make it be.

PS: Need tons of stamina for this activity between paddling, getting on the raft, and climbing the stairs.


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