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Elephant Night Safari

As we arrive in our room, fascination a word the keeps lingering. On our first night, as we walk around the park, go for a dip in the pool, and quickly run to our room in time. The telephone rings, "The elephant will be ready in 5 minutes."

As we rush to our balcony, I see another couple being chauffeured. Our elephant with his manhout comes by, with assistance of another hotel staff in opening the gate of the balcony. The first ride, I can't even take a proper video because I'm just full of excitement.

We tour around the park as the sky starts to get dim. We see the dinner set-up, but not quite ready yet. We head to the talent show. Now, the park has multiple talent show throughout the day, this one is the same as the day one. After a quick, 15 minutes of elephant cuteness, we we are called to do the night safari.

I'm not quite sure because it's a first night, but riding at night with few lights to see in the lush jungle. Its quite hard made out what you see. Think of it as calming night stroll, with crickets in the background, and sometimes a random manhout singing in the background, though the food is ample.

It's not quite as I expected, but there's still memory worth keep about it.


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Youtube - link to travel vlog with this experience.

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