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Blessed with Elephants

Elephants, elephants, and elephants, unique theme for this trip. Though I'm not ready for a real safari experience in place like Africa, sure is ready to touch, feel, and play with elephants. I got just that.

About an hour drive from Ubud Centre, located is a conservatory for the giant mammals. There's a really sad story as to how this resort came about. The lodge's main goal is to save as much giants as they can. There's a part of Indonesia, in Mantra to be exact, that farmers poison them because elephants eat everything that can get their paws on, included the farmers' crops. This is a sad story of how the two can't eco sustain off each other. Seeing with my own eyes, they do eat a lot. I get fascinated by seeing how much fruits, vegetables, leaves, and grass they can eat. On the brighter side, there's this resort that can let you be close to them.

Never in a million years would I thought that I'll find a hotel that will bring the inner child in me- though that happens every other day for me because life is short. Ironically enough, there are more adults than millennials visiting this place. People in their 60's sure know how to live. This is a place where somewhere far, far away or maybe near in the future, I would love to take my future kids to have a reason to visit again. Special places are worth revisiting.

It took one uber ride, 3 airports, 1 airport shuttle, one over night hotel, and another car ride to get here, but I'll do it all over again. This is the first leg part of the trip. Staffs are friendly, resorts and parks are well organized. Flawless transfer from our overnight hotel to the lodge. A nice welcome drink, and walk thru the lodge.

This park charges serious $, especially for a Balinese standard, but worth a life of experience, eh? Sure is. As I embark on reflecting the Bali journey, cannot wait to write about the night safari, morning bathing and swimming with elephants, river rafting, massage at the park, day safari, and our park view room. Keeping my memories alive.

I intend to keep my lifetime of memories on this open journal. Life's meant to be lived. Tons of countries to see, and experiences to be lived. Life's good if make you make it be.


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