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Niagara Helicopters Experience

On a clear sky morning, we wait for our turn to hop in this loud engine with a large propeller. As one person takes our picture on the way there, buckle us up, and shuts the door, off we go.

For 15 minutes, Niagara falls is for you to discover in a loud and exhilarating ways. Riding on it is much for like a ride going up on the roller coaster, but do not fear because there's no big drop afterwards.

From an higher angle, things can look different. With the American falls and horseshoe falls on sight and minuscule houses, feel like I'm landing on a airport, but this time just with a view that's 10x better.

In my wildest dream, I would want this thing to get closer to the falls, but we all know for practically sake, this may not be much a good idea. For now, this will do.

I intend to keep my lifetime of memories on this open journal. Life's meant to be lived. Tons of countries to see, and experiences to be lived. Life's good if make you make it be.


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