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Niagra Falls Essentials

Hi there! Sharing the standard trip essentials that you need to know for trip that we take (bf and I), at least out from our experience. Hope you find below info helpful.

Weather – April, too cold. Make sure to bundle up! Niagara Falls in the winter is covered in snow + less tourists = perfection! Temperature is 22 F to 32 F.

Currency – Canadian Dollar or US Dollar (both are accepted, except in the casinos, but you can always exchange your US Dollar to Canadian in the casinos)

Credit Cards/Debit Cards - super accepted!

Air Travel – approx. 1 hr and 20 minutes, from JFK to Buffalo Airport, then take a car from Airport to Niagara Falls, Canada side (approx 40 minutes)

Airport Transportation – car service specialized from Buffalo Airport to Niagara Falls, ON.

Transportation in Niagara Falls– Pretty small vicinity around Niagara Falls, but you can take the shuttle buses or taxis are everywhere

Tipping – Tourist tipping, city tipping, 12 to 15%, or 20% if you're feeling generous

Dinning out – Nothing out of the norm from American Dinning

Must Bring – With winter Niagara Falls visit, make sure to bring scarves, gloves, good shoes for the snow,and heavy jacket! Also, hotels charge super expensive with their water in room, make sure to bring cooler with little bit of food and drinks

Shoes – Heels are ok for some excursion, but highly recommend flats and comfy shoes with good grip on ice, winter time is snowy

Attire – Winter!

Shopping – Each tourist attraction has a gift shop. Don't forget to visit local liquor store for ice wine, yes, ice wine.

Other than that, sure thing that you’ll have an adventure with this touristy places, but still quite fun.

If you're someone who's thinking of going to Niagara Falls in Canada or just thinking of pumping some travel inspiration, don’t forget to subscribe. I’ll be writing more about Niagara all throughout and will have inspirations pictures/videos/blog for you and some practical tips.

Also, for my fellow travelers, inspiration seeker, life enjoyer, or someone who’d like to try something like this or just appreciate life as is – catch me on fb and instagram.

Happy Traveling!

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