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Paris Essentials

Romance is in the air as the city of love, day of hearts, and color of love invade this month, February. I have no problem with that, but great perception of sweetness and tender loving care comes with planning. I am sharing some of the practical things to know when visiting city of Paris, after all you want to make sure just enjoy once you're there. (:

Weather – September, high 60's F to 70F. Definitely bring those sweaters of chilly nights. Can get away with vest or light sweater during the day :)

Currency – Euros

Credit Cards/Debit Cards - Paris is notrious for shopping. So, even the malls, botique shops, flea markets, credits and debit cards are no strangers.

Air Travel – approx. 9 hrs from JFK New York to Charles de Gaulle Airport in France.

Airport Transportation – We took the Roissy Bus (that departs the aiport every 20 minutes to Paris). Leaving Paris we took an airport shuttle bus.

Time difference - Paris is advance by either 5/6 hours than New York, depending on the season.

Transportation – If you can navigate the complicated NY subway, Paris metro is definitely a piece of cake. It can take you all throughout Paris, also there are trains that goes outside of Paris.

Tipping – This is not expected from Parisian restaurant. If you're feeling little generous, couple of changes will be appreciated.

Dinning out – There are restaurants that are fancy, there are restaurants that are casual. There are fast food chains like Mcdonalds (they serve Pasta!!) and others. Their starbucks even serve pancakes. All in all, they're dinning experience is quite the thing, whether you're feeling fancy or not. Since Paris is culturally diverse, there are lots of choices.

Must Bring – Walking shoes, the cobble streets of Paris is no joke. Make sure to ask for maps from your hotel concierge. Lots of adventures in such small vicinities, it's definitely a city that you can walk by foot.

Shoes – Heels are ok for dinner (but very limitted). Walking shoes are highly recommended, just view it as if you're going to Manhattan.

Attire –Fall outfits are recommended. Bring casual and something fancy for fine dinning and cabaret show experience.

Shopping – There's shopping everywhere. Here are my top choices: Pritemps for the classic brand names, and Porte de Clignancourt for antiques.

Paris is like any kind of city. With the adventures, thrills, and sophistication, there are homeless, crimes, and so on like any city has. It's popular enough that are overwhelming information. Whatever you pick, I'm sure you'll have a trip of a lifetime because it's worth it.

Happy Travelling!


If you're someone who's thinking of going to Paris or just thinking of pumping some inspiration, don’t forget to subscribe for planning tips and itinerary ideas. I’ll be writing more about Paris. See you soon! ☺

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Live. Life.

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