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Portugal Itinerary

Hey you! As you may know I am passionate about traveling, part of the the experience that I love is the planning portion. Although it can be overwhelming at times, I find it enjoyable to get pieces of information and see them come to life.

I'm sharing my full itinerary during my trip to Portugal, it was over little a week. Hope you find info below useful. If you have any question feel free to drop a line or two :).

The only part that got canceled from the itenerary was the coastering as the waves were too strong for that day. Anyways, hope you enjoy!

If you're someone who's thinking of going to Portugal or just thinking of pumping some inspiration, don’t forget to subscribe. This is my very last post regarding my Portugal trip, if you're curious about the other posts, they are on my blog for you to check out :).

For my fellow travelers, inspiration seeker, life enjoyer, or someone who’d like to try something like this or just appreciate life as is – catch me on fb for any question or instagram.

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