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Life's Yours to Wonder, Portugal Series Reflection

As I end this Portugal chapter, I cannot help but to smile. Smile about the fun memories during this travel. We go to our jobs, enjoy our work, mingle with people, eat our meals, but going on short trip always makes a world of difference - not to escape from it all, but to color our lives even brighter. For every trip I make, feels like there’s new perspective that I just keep on learning.

*view fr. Pena Palace*

As I go through my 20’s, tackling the career direction, the education direction, goal direction, financial direction list goes on - this list may sound terrifying, but for me, it’s just a list that I have to go through as part of life, why not go on with excitement? It's your attitude that changes you from tackling this list from being part of the norm, to facing it with such infinite possibilities. As you can tell, I day dream a lot, think a lot, but never fail to remember that there’s a whole world to be explored. I don’t travel to escape from it all, I travel to discover new meaning and add color to already vibrant life, you just have see it for yourself.

*Dear Lisbon B & B*

*Jerónimos Monastery*

*Restaurant in Lagos*


Part of your 20's is doing the walk, and whoIe lot of figuring out. I may not exactly sure on what direction I am heading to, but I feel certain happiness in traveling and I’d like to encourage people, specially my younger folks who goes to almost quarter life crisis in focusing your energy in gaining experience and being distracted with life adventures. I know that I may not be the typical millennial who goes all in, and drop everything, but that’s okay because I am me. There’s harmony in balance in being career-driven and making sure to pause once in awhile to enjoy life. Life doesn’t need to be black or white, all or nothing, left or right, life can be combination of different things. Everyone has his/her story, you just have to own it.

*Streets of Lisbon*

*Posing in between cliffs*

Thanks reading loves! If you're someone who's thinking of going to Portugal or just thinking of pumping some inspiration, don’t forget to subscribe. This is my last post regarding my Portugal trip, and will share my itenerary soon enough from my trip.

For my fellow travelers, inspiration seeker, life enjoyer, or someone who’d like to try something like this or just appreciate life as is – catch me on fb for any question or instagram.

Next Stop: P.A.R.I.S, Mon Amor.

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