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Ending of Portugal Series: Reflection Time

I've allotted my next two posts in regards for my trip reflection. Often times, we push and push, and check how far are we off from our life goals, whether those are relationship goals, financial goals, career goals and the list can go on and on. I've always been an advocate in stopping and being mindful of how I feel and what I should be thankful for.

I live in one of the best cities in the world. That also means that this city never sleeps, you can be good at something, but someone will be better than you and that's completely okay because you are you're own individual. With all the momentum that goes on around you, all the people, things, and happenings, it is often hard to make time to pause, but I always try my best to. It's this little secret that have always helped me become a better person. With the focus on yourself, there's really no competition but yourself. And that my friend, is powerful thought that have always lingered in and had let me live a happy life with contentment and gratitude.

At 23, I was able visit one of the most amazing countries. Portugal reminds me how beautiful and yet simple life can be. It reminds me that meals are meant to be consumed with grace and enjoyment. Catch of the day is the minimum qualification for freshness. There is no shame in drinking a whole bottle of wine with your love during a meal; there is also no shame in taking 2.5 hour for every meal. Most part when I was in Portugal, I barely wore or no wake-up at all, and yet I felt completely confident to walk down the streets and bear a smile. I'm not sure if it's the way my hair felt with the volume that the sea breeze had brought, or the tan I've gotten with the Portugal sunshine, whatever it was, I just felt at ease.

My reflection of Portugal is this, there continues to be different sense of lifestyle for each place. Some places may mean that you get up each day and analyze spreadsheet infront of your computer, someplace may mean that you get up at dawn and fish. Whatever it is, it's life that you live and be thankful for each day. Portugal reminds me of that, I don't think I've ever met people who has so much pride and happiness in their town. The moment I set foot in Algarve, the first local encounter I had was with the driver, and even him couldn't stop boasting about his town. Living in a city, that's often hard to see. So when I do see it, I just can't help but to smile.

Portugal is a gem that I will continue to cherish. Maybe it's that Spanish influence that like my hometown has, whatever it is, it's pure L.O.V.E.

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