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Pena Palace: Piece of the Past

Do you ever wonder what it was like to be the royals back in the days?

A glimpse of past, and royal artsiness are the continuous feel at the Pena Palace. On top of Sintra, along the way are other castles, you'll see the holiday castle of King Ferndinand II. This was once a monastery, and continued to be so with his reign. The only difference is, he added more flamboyance from his inspirations from the seas, and rest of the world.

It's part monastery, part recreational, part from medieval times, part Mediterranean, but all of it elements is intricate to showcase the all about of Portugal. The carvings of sea creatures and the grapes for the port, seeks the true artistry of any creators. The castle and it's surrounding meant to show off wealth. With plants and trees imported from all around the world, one can only imagine the effort had to go on this. There was no plane, only explorers and their ships.

Structure aside, maybe one can understand all of these were worth it. When you reach the top, for a moment glimpse out and you'll see the view that's just worth a thousand words.

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