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Loule, a Time Well Spent!

Traveling in most places, whether you like it or not, you'll end up places catered for tourists. At some point, it may even seem like you never left home (with the exception of feeling relaxed, of course).

There are places where you have the comfort of being there because someone has been trained to speak your language and catered for your needs as a guest. There are times where you want to feel like a local. Loulé is a place like no other. All vendors speak only the native language, so you sure will be forced to speak a little in Portuguese or little Spanish. If you don't, you can't come here. (jk). You'll be fine because vendors get really creative in doing their selling. For instance, one lady had a print out of all the bills and coins on a piece of paper, she would then point out how much it would be. You don't have to agree, the beauty of it is that you can haggle back and take it from there :).

Aside for fabric, accessories, and other items, one of my favorite part is visiting Loule City, after the Gypsy Market, there's nearby farmers market. There you can find port, figs, almonds, produce, seafood, among other things. It's way cleaner than the wet market I was used back home, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

All these elements combined together would confirm that you no longer exist at home, but was able to travel back to time in just one day.

If you're someone who's thinking of going to Portugal or just thinking of pumping some inspiration, don’t forget to subscribe. I’ll be writing more about Portugal all throughout and will have inspirations for you and some practical things to know for this trip ☺.

Also, for my fellow travelers, inspiration seeker, life enjoyer, or someone who’d like to try something like this or just appreciate life as is – catch me on fb for any question or instagram.

Don't forget to check out the farmer's market in Loule. Ciao!

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