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Algarve Oasis

Blue ocean, wind, and cliffs; I wanted to be inspired. I wanted to experience a different surreal feeling. With picturesque scenes, and breathtaking views, I sure did just get those. As part of my Portugal series, I thought it was just right to pay tribute to Algarve, which is located in southernmost region of Portugal. I mainly stayed in town of Carvoeiro to stay close by the cliffs.

With mostly European traveling in this side of the world, I don't think the experience and wonder is anything you'd imagine. Be prepare to relax, to eat fresh and be prepare for a realization as simple as enjoying a glass of wine with your meal, makes a world of difference. If you're a seafood lover, you'd definitely have a blast.

When you walk through the main square, you'll soon find out that there’s definitely unique about this and people sure do love their siestas as you’ll see the town get quiet in the afternoon. If you’re like me, it’s your chance to get all the pictures in the world that you want without getting interrupted or getting shy about it (although I think for the most part, that’s least of my worries).

Also, during my trip as I grew up in the island of the Philippines, it’s naturally that I L.O.V.E seafood. With most of the restaurants, if not all, they all offer a “catch of the day.” If it’s not on the list, it will not be served, guaranteed freshness. I thought I was in heaven eating my heart out. In case you are wondering, one of the local dishes is sardines, so we obviously had to try it. Just be aware that the odor of the sardines will most likely stay on your hands after consumption, but worth it.

Although eating well is on top of my priorities, I travel to see places I’ve never been. I think it’s through traveling that one gets reminded that there’s a bigger world out there. The worries that you may have now, the struggles that you may feel now, don’t feel as big when you open your eyes and heart out because you’ll soon realize that there’s too much in life to appreciate that the positives weigh in more and everything else doesn’t seem to matter.

If you're someone who's thinking of going to Portugal or just thinking of pumping some inspiration, don’t forget to subscribe. I’ll be writing more about Portugal all throughout and will have inspirations for you and some practical things to know for this trip. (:

Also, for my fellow travelers, inspiration seeker, life enjoyer, or someone who’d like to try something like this or just appreciate life as is – catch me on fb and instagram.

Live. Life.

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