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Portugal Essentials

It’s all dandy and everything, but for some obvious reason there are still logistical items to be taken care for any trip. It can be overwhelming when traveling to a new destination, I hope you find below helpful for making plans in visiting Portugal.

Weather – May to June, low 70’s F to high 80’s F. Ocean was little chilly, but very bearable with Sun always striking hot. And oh, there's always a cool breeze so it's hard to feel the heat until you over do it.

Currency – Euros

Credit Cards/Debit Cards - although restaurants accept them, suggest to bring cash for shopping, if you like shopping in the farmer's market or the botique stores that have products of local artists.

Air Travel – approx. 10 hrs from JFK New York to Faro Portugal

Airport Transportation – private car from hotel service (shared bus can also be done)

Transportation – Cabs are 5 minutes call away, 24/7 hours a day. Buses (limited schedule at night) are main transportation all though out the country, even had wifi if needed. There’s also the metro in Lisbon.

Tipping – There’s no set amount for tipping. If you’re feeling generous, couple of change works. Although spoke to a local, he confirmed that there’s no need for this.

Dinning out – It’s customary to have bread & butter on table, or waiter brings it to your table. There’s surcharge for this. If you’re not up for it, politely decline.

Must Bring – The sun is strong, and hard to feel with the wind at time. Make sure to bring sunblock and bottle of water with you. Also, if you’re going out of hotel accommodation for the lovely beach, bring your blankets.

Shoes – Heels are ok for some excursion, but highly recommend flats and comfy shoes, especially for hilly city of Lisbon.

Attire – Summer outfits, and light sweater for chilly nights

Shopping – Lagos had great souvenir shops, and Lisbon had great shopping for modern brands

Other than this, it’s sure that you’ll have a jolly time and get out of the country with different appreciation.

Happy Traveling!


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Live. Life.

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